Scourge of the Silver Marches

Garrets escape from hell

Part 1
I managed to sneak up behind Telkoun the evil half fiend wizard and disarmed him of his staff of the magi, with the staff i jumped into the mouth of the gigantic dracolich and snapped the staff. The staff exploded and i was thrown across the multiverse to an unknown land.

As i awoke parts of the staff had impaled me and my Illithid hand was going crazy. The parts of the staff that impaled me were causing me to glow as i sat their my hand started to absorb the broken staff and i was healing at an incredible rate. Where i had landed it was very dark there was two orbs in the sky emitting a dim light i was on a small sand bar that was covered in snow with some small ruins near by. My good arm was lying in the snow for who knows how long and it was burning, it seems the snow here is acidic but thanks to the power my arm was draining from the staff i healed my wounds quickly.

Now to find out where i am.


walti621 Sigawesome

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